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Life Coaching, Business Coaching


Long Beach, Long Island, NY - Possibly the oldest question in literature was asked in the oldest and best selling book of all time: "Where are you?"

Life coaching, Long Beach, Five Towns, Long Island, NYWhere are YOU, in your life?
Do you love who you are and what you do?
Where are you going? How do you feel about that?
What are your goals and dreams? Have you achieved them?

Are you an active participant in your own life? What issues stand in your way?

My goal, as a coach, is to help you on your way.
Together, we will identify your goals, and examine your life circumstances. How are they connected? Where is there blockage and how might this blockage be addressed?

Communication -- sharing -- about your goals, current life paths, attitudes and feelings will bring pathways and practices into sharp relief.

Learn to balance your ideals, values and goals, with acceptance, even love, for life as it is.

Learn to love the journey.

Become your own champion, to facilitate your own solutions, to find your own spiritual practices -- to co-create your future.
To succeed!

Define your own success.

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We also offer business coaching through NY Personal & Business Coaching (

Meditations for Yoga instructors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, therapists